Chicago-area native Brian Fife has been writing and performing his unique blend of piano-based pop-rock for over 14 years. He has released two full length recordings of original music, "Strength of Soul" (1998) and "So Nice To Be With You" (2004), which have been enthusiastically received by critics and fans alike.

Musically, Brian uses a rich, diverse texture of sounds and colors that draws in listeners and keeps them comming back for more. Lyrically, his songs are honest and engaging portraits of his own life experiences as well as those of an endearing cast of misfits and underdogs he has met along the way. Brians vocals are both strong and vulnerable and are instanttly accessible and non-pretentious. A live performance by Brian Fife and Band is a one-of-a-kind blend of explosive high energy musicianship combined with moments of intimate connectedness between artist and audience.

Brian received his bachelor's degree in music from Northern Illinois University and has been working as a full time musician for 10 years. He resides with his wife Violet in Elk Grove Village, IL. For more booking and concert information, he can be contacted at 847-718-9279 or at

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