How well do you know Brian?

1 Brian earns a living as a full-time:

prison guard

liturgical accompanist

2 Brian graduated from Northern Illinois University, where he earned a:
full ride volleyball scholarship

bachellor of music degree

nice side income as a barber

3 Brian currently lives in Elk Grove Village, IL with:
His wife Violet

47 guinea pigs

the very real fear that life as we know it is but an illusion

4 A man of many talents, in addition to playing the piano, Brian also:

plays the clarinet

can comsume 25 7-Eleven hot dogs (smothered in the self-serve nacho cheese) in 5 minutes

5 In high school, Brian was a big fan of:
high school

Gary Coleman

The Moody Blues

6 Brian's childhood brush with stardom is:
playing an extra in the the marching band scenes in the film 'Lucas' (starring Corey Haim)

as a 6 year old, modelling with child tv star Johnny Whitaker ('Jody' on Family Affair)

an appearance on the local news, being escorted out of Comiskey Park after allegedly kicking the mascot 'Rhubarb' in the shin

7 Brian often spends his spare time:
hanging drywall

going to the movies

swimming in an ocean of regret

8 The lowpoint of Brian's musical career is:
having 1200 people walk out in the middle of a song

Being rejected for the role of Greg Brady on an audition for a SIlver Platters tribute band

not having a music career

9 Brian recently wrote a song about spending a day in:
Hel, Poland

solitary confinement


10 Brian's musical influences include:
Ben Folds, Elton John, The Flaming Lips

Cannibal Corpse, Insane Clown Posse, John Tesh

no one. Brian does not and never has listened to any music of any kind

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